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Saturday, March 29, 2008


A few catch up photos... I only have a few thousand more to go through!

From the Copeland trek in NZ

Routeburn trek in New Zealand

Another Routeburn, just over the pass

Flying over the Andes, Santiago to Buenos Aires (business class, somehow!)

The Fam in Buenos Aires: me, Brunella, Paula, Franco, and Antonella. The best!

Part of Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina. That is Brazil on the other side.

More Iguazu

Fitz Roy in El Chalten

Cerro Torre in El Chalten

Successful ice climb in El Chalten

A GIANT condor soaring over my head on a peak above Ushuaia... 6-8´wingspan!

Savoring the sights at the 'end of the earth', Ushuaia


Anonymous said...

AMAZING photos Robbie! I love your new look! See you soon,
love, Melinda

Marek said...

Uh boy... that sight of Fitz Roy put Argentina on my flight plan.

ThrillerWorldwide said...

Marek, I would suggest El Chalten (Fitz Roy) and Argentina as a whole at the top of everybody´s 'must visit soon' list!

Keri Hibbard said...

Awsome pics, we will have to go to dinner now that your back and look at the rest.