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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photos of Frenchmans Cap trek

Base Camp Tasmania (I had the tent).

So much energy at the start of the trip!

Buttongrass and shrubs on the Loddon Plains

My first view of the Cap... SO FAR AWAY!!!

About 12:00 the first day... hot already

The first hut, which I stayed in on night 3 - as it poured buckets of rain!

Lake by the hut:

Many steps were cut out of logs like this!

In the rainforest from the first lake to Barron Pass

View as I topped out over Barron Pass - incredible!

After Barron pass, my next view of the cap

View back to barron pass from the summit:

Another view from the top

View looking over the cliff- BASE jumpers were heading up when I got back to the road - that would have been a sight! Not sure where they land, though... no bare ground anywhere!

At the top, I had this moon rising on one side,

and this sun setting on the other!

The top section of the trail DOES go straight up this!

The Cap from the lake

Back to Barron Pass, and VERY HOT by now...

Halfway out on the last day, the clouds lifted a little

And SUCCESS! back to the road... that was a great feeling!!!

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