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Friday, December 21, 2007

Out of France

Well I survived the Frenchies, it was touch and go for a while, and I kinda broke one of their snowboards, so I am no longer welcome in the country... but the snow was great! The ski resorts at Val Thorens are rediculously huge. It is basically chairlifts in all directions accessing some of the craziest terrain I have ever seen. I thought Whistler Blackcomb was large, but that whole resort would fit into one of the three valleys in the area where we stayed. We had really great snow on Sunday and Monday, but then the wind picked up and it blew a lot of the fresh stuff away, so we had to work a little harder to find it, but it was still great!
There were lots of English at the boarderweek festival and they are absolutely crazy! Just picture men in borat style swimsuits and flipflops walking around at 10 degrees and you get the idea. Also, there is no getting kicked out for fighting, being naked, excessively drunk, etc so you can imagine how nuts it was. Besides all of that, the resort was great and we had a really great time going out to the clubs at night and carrying on.
I have now made it to London, and I will post some pictures later and give some more detail. Hope all is well!


Holly said...

HA HA HA! We would fit in GREAT!

Marek said...

Val Thorens was a blast!
Glad you liked it too, we should do that again.
French Alps can take some Idaho-Style!