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Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Photos!

So this is the town we stayed in at Val Thorens, and virtually every mountain that is around it is skiable!

Jamon and Jerk posing... they do warn of cliffs in the area, but you will have to ask Jamon about that... DIRECTLY after we took this picture, Jamon did his best impersonation of the guy on the sign...

Jamon and Marek on a rocky ridge that had been all covered with snow the day before. What had been a great powder run was now wicked hard windpacked snow. and for some reason, we were the only ones skiing, it... hmmm.

The view from the top. About 10000 ft here, at the top of the tram. The terrain is just unbelievable, and you really can ski everything behind us!

Of course we hit the bars a few times... Jamon, Alex, Sabina, Antje and me. Antje was one of a group of 8 girls from Cologne, Germany that we met and I am going to try to visit her after the new year.

Another great European winter concoction gluwine (glow wine) which is heated spiced wine. Alex demonstrates the proper form for drinking it.

Any many more, but no time!!

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