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Monday, December 24, 2007

To Germany

London was fantastic, Jamon and I travelled there on Thursday and left on Saturday evening. We stayed with Jamon's cousin John and his wife Mpho. They were very gracious hosts and I really enjoyed visiting various pubs and restaurants with them. Mpho is from South Africa and John has spent quite a lot of time there, so they gave me some really great tips for travelling around the country. In our trips to the pubs, we tried a ton of really great local beers and they were a huge improvement over the French beer. The Guiness was amazing! Head and shoulders better than any I have had in the US. Unfortunately we didn't have time to make it to Ireland to the Guiness factory, because that is supposed to be that much better yet. Jamon and I basically wandered around the city, hit a few pubs, and enjoyed a pretty relaxing few days. On Saturday, we had brunch at the Holly Branch, which is a pub that has been in operation since 1450 or something. Had traditional meat pies and great beers for brunch - my kind of grub!
We then flew back to Frankfurt and Jamon went home on Sunday morning. I took the train to Stutgart and am now visiting my aunt Susan, uncle John and family for Christmas. It has been a few years since I have seen them, so its very nice to spend the holidays here! I will eventally get around to posting some pictures but for now have a Happy Holiday to all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Robbie!
We miss you already! Tell your aunty and cousins that we said hi and to hurry back to the States and go boating with us again!

Have fun! Curt and I are keeping you in our prayers:-)

Megan and Tyler

Fire-Me said...

I swore that I would never sign up on one of these things but when my bro told me about you tracking your adventures I couldn't sign up fast enough. It's a great idea. When ever I think my life is a bore I'll read your little adventure page. I can't wait to hear what these next months will bring. I'm sure you'll have many great stories, and meet some amazing people. Make sure to keep us informed, and go into as much detail as possible, cause you know I have a bad imagination. Pictures are a must, He He He. Remember you have a great reputation to uphold (even if you're in another country). Keep in touch Miller Man we'll be thinking about you.

Jeff, Grethen, and Baby Allison

P.S. If you havn't heard already BSU lost in the Hawaii bowl. I'm so pissed I can't even remember the score, they lost by a touchdown.