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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Heronberg!

After London, I went to Heronberg in Southern Germany to spend the holidays with my Aunt Susan, Uncle John, and cousins Kaliko, David and John. It was really great to be with family for Christmas and they went above and beyond in taking care of me! Santa even knew that I was in Germany and brought me some great travelling gifts! It was a busy holiday with dinner parties, social gatherings, LOTS of GREAT food, family activites and catching up. I had a really great time, so thanks so much Susan and John, it really did feel like home for the holidays!

Cousins Kaliko and David:

And cousin John doing his best tip over the Christmas tree!

On Christmas Eve, the town brass band played Silent Night from the top of the church tower, so we went down to watch!

The beautiful countryside on our hike:

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