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Monday, January 28, 2008

1/28 update

I have 5 mins to give the latest update... I need about 1 hour to write about every day that I have spent so far, and trying to cram it all into 1 hour every 5 days doesnt work so well...!

After Naples, I spent two days in Rome, loved it but it is a city that needs about a week to enjoy it all. There are so many ruins and interesting sites to see that it is very overwhelming and I got a little burned out on trying to rush into seeing all of them. It would be better to spend more time and really enjoy it instead of just packing it all in. I had a great hostel there, and i really would love to go back. I ended up missing my flight to Athens (made the dumb mistake of forgetting that 14:00 was 2:00! duh!) so I spent 7 hours in the airport and another 90 Euros on another ticket. They arent too accomodating if you miss your flight apparantly!
I am in Athens, Greece at the moment, and leaving on a 23 hour trainride to Istanbul in the morning, so that should be a lot of fun! I keep intending to post more pictures, but havent had a chance yet.
Ok, gotta run, hope you all are enjoying the great snow! I keep hearing about it, and I am missing the snowboarding... but then again, I am in Greece!

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Marek said...

Man, what a trip.
Rome indeed takes a week at least, me and Katharina ´ve been there twice for 2 weeks and we still have the impression "we aint seen nothin´ yet"
In Summer its even "worse", with Ostia & Fregene beach so close...

We´re just back from Austria - the snow was unbelievable, powder whereever we went.


For some X-Treme Snowshoeing!!!