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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest update...

So I have been all over recently! A quick rundown for now, and I will fill in the details when I get a little more time - my hostel is going to one of the best pizza places in Naples (birthplace of pizza) and I cant miss that!!! So, briefly:

After Prague, I flew to Cologne and met up with Antje (from the Val Thorens, France ski trip). I had seen the Dom there before (in 96) but it really struck me this time as the most unbelieveable building I have ever seen. It has the tallest towers in Europe - 600 feet or something, and it is indescribable how much of an impression it made on me- I spent hours trying to figure out how it would be built NOW let alone 100 plus years ago. I spent part of all 3 days there, and I could go back in a second.

I had a most fantastic time with Antje, and we spent a lot of time chatting over meals, coffee, etc amidst touring the city, meeting her friends and going out. I really enjoy her company, and I am glad that she is the first new good friend that I have met in my travels.

Took the train to Milan, Italy, and amid pouring rain managed to find a hostel and tour the city. The Dom had been recently cleaned and was a shining white cathedral as opposed to the age worn one in Cologne... and had hundreds of spires, figurines, gargoyles, etc. etc. It was completly different architecture, but very busy. Toured the old castle and through the shopping districts.

Karli met me there, and we took the train to Venice, which is JUST like the pictures. Very strange being built entirely over water, and no cars, bikes etc. all done by water taxi and delivery. It was strange seeing construction waste trucks- as boats! I knew it was cool when the garbage man (on a boat) was sporting Gucci sunglasses and as traditionally Italian as the gondola drivers - the coolest garbage man I have ever seen!

From there to Florence, and Pisa for Saturday night;

Then to Cinque Terra for 2 nights;

Now in Naples! Off to the Almafi Coast for the next few days, then Rome, then Athens!
Update more later!


Fire-Me said...

Hey Miller Man. We're having a great time reading your blog, keep um coming. Be safe out there, live it up, and drink a darky or two for me. Jeff, Gretchen, and Allison

Farmerwolf said...

Have been talking with Jake and he gave us your Blog spot. Sounds like a great trip you are having. Jake is doing good in Hawaii. He is quite the man around town. Take care in your travels. Aloha from the Wolf family.